Information for young adults

My practice is generally limited to adolescents and young adults. However, one of my special interests is to help clients of all ages who have witnessed something highly disturbing or shared in a near-death experience due to a mortal threat. For example, this might involve being present at a bank robbery, an office shooting, suffering through a natural disaster, being held as a hostage, having to go into harm's way to rescue or protect a victim, going to a scene in which the person witnessed human carnage, etc. I am experienced in Critical Incidence Stress Debriefing (CISD) and trained to conduct Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR); both of which are specialized techniques to address these types of critical incidents. In the days or weeks following a critical incident I can be available to assist affected individuals to address their reactions and/or reduce their symptoms of excessive anxiety.

I am a teletherapy provider affiliated with MetaPro Inc. MetaPro is an online counseling platform available to students at several undergraduate and graduate schools in Illinois. I am available to registered students from 8 to 10 pm Sunday through Thursday.

Additional information about some of the specifics of my practice can be reviewed before calling. If you are not already familiar with your rights as a potential client you may want to consider reading over the HIPAA guidelines at: Another interesting and helpful resource which lists terms and describes rights that you are entitled to and protected by is the Confidentiality Act of Illinois.

Updated: 9/14/19