Crisis Counseling Resources for School Administrators, School Social Workers and Other School-Based Mental Heath Professionals

The following information (previously password-protected) is now provided unrestricted as a gesture of good will to assist school administrators, school social workers, and other school-based mental health professionals in the aftermath of school shooting, student suicide or other sudden student death. Permission is granted by Jerry Ciffone to download and print these documents for the temporary and internal use only within the school system where the tragic event has occurred. These documents are copyrighted and may not be incorporated within existing written policies or protocols, nor distributed at a later time outside the school system where used unless permission has been obtained from Jerry Ciffone. 

Information for school administrators:

  • School-wide intervention options,

  • a checklist of responsibilities for members of the crisis team,

  • suggested agenda items for a faculty meeting,

  • a memo to ancillary staff that provides suggestions on how to be helpful during a crisis event,

  • a classroom discussion guide for teachers,

  • and suggested protocols for commemorative activities.

Information for school social workers and other school-based mental health professionals:

Information for school-based mental health professionals in a post-secondary educational setting:

  • A modified version of the intervention guidelines and facilitator outline for use with students in an undergraduate or graduate setting are available upon request from Jerry Ciffone at no cost.

Updated: 6/9/19