Information for Parents

I recognize that you may be at a point of deep concern over your child and that you may be feeling very worried, confused, frustrated, angry, or all of these things at the same time. During my years working within a school setting I have helped many teens to develop the skills needed to cope with a variety of problematic events. This includes a lot of time and practice in calmly observing hundreds of parent-child conflicts, understanding both sides, and finding solutions that are satisfactory to teens and their parents.

I also know my limitations. There are certain conditions and problem situations that I am not able to address given the environmental circumstances of my practice location. I am not accepting teens that are court-ordered to participate in individual or family therapy. I am also not accepting teen clients that are physically aggressive or are substance abusers. When I am otherwise asked to address a problem situation I am not confident in treating I can access a statewide resource database and can refer you and your teen to a more appropriate resource.

I have set aside two evenings a week to maintain a limited number of clients. My primary clinical approach is called Solution-Focused Brief Therapy which fits well with my goal of treating my clients for a limited number of sessions. I am also trained to treat anxiety disorders using a different set of techniques; within that same time frame.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Privacy Rule "provides consumers with important privacy rights and protections with respect to their health information, including important controls over how their health information is used and disclosed by health plans and health care providers".  If you are not already familiar with your rights as they relate to the clinical treatment of your child you may want to consider reading HIPPA at:

Another interesting and helpful resource which lists terms and describes rights that you and your child are entitled to and protected by is the Confidentiality Act of Illinois.

Additional information about some of the specifics of my practice can be reviewed before calling. 

If you have any questions about how I may be able to help please call me at 630-715-9750, my e-mail address is

Updated: 9/14/19