Help For Parents

A parent education presentation by Jerry Ciffone:

Jerry Ciffone is available to give an two-hour educational presentation to parents of high school students. The presentation is similar to the one he offered when he was a school social worker at South Elgin High School (SEHS) in South Elgin, Illinois from 2005 through 2014. This was a PowerPoint presentation given to parents of SEHS students and was called "Weathering the Storm: Coping with the Teen Years" The following is a description of the presentation that was offered then (and can be offered again): 

"Parents who attend will receive information on:

  • Being authoritative with their teen

  • Common errors parents make and how to overcome them

  • Parenting styles and their impact upon teens

  • How to get more cooperation from their teen

  • When and where to go for help"

SEHS website for parents:

Jerry also developed and maintained a website (now defunct) for parents of SEHS students. The following is a description and listing of information parents were able access through the website. (Some of this information continues to be provided to parents of teens in Jerry's private practice, and some of the topics are readily available through this website in the links provided through Documents/For Parents).

"Information for South Elgin High School parents concerned about their teen's social or emotional development

All parents struggle at some point with their teen. Some become frustrated, angry, or second guess themselves when their son or daughter's academic performance is not up to what should be, their attendance in school is a concern, or their behavior has become intolerable. In any event teens need their parents to remain involved and to collaborate as much as they can with school personnel.

Jerry Ciffone is a school social worker assigned to South Elgin High School. He has written on the following topics of interest to many parents concerned about their teen's social or emotional development:

  • The seven most common Parenting Styles

  • The Child's Assessment of Parenting Styles (CAPS)

  • Being “Authoritative” with your teen

  • Fatherhood

  • The positive aspects of peer pressure

  • The influence of peer relationships over time

  • Lying, arguing and negotiating

  • The ABC's of Overcoming Parental Errors with Children who habitually misbehave

  • Behavior management techniques

  • What do parents typically want from their teens?

  • What do teens typically want from their parents?

  • How to get more cooperation from your teen

  • Scale of Adolescent Vulnerability to Stress (SAVS)

  • Dealing with depression and other forms of mental illness

  • Sleep tips for teens

  • Positive and negative relationships

  • Gay and lesbian teens

  • What to do if you think your son is gang involved

  • Dealing with substance abuse

  • Preparing for a conference with your child's teacher, counselor, or dean

  • Other resources"